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Company name: Chengdu Ai Qin E-commerce Co., Ltd
Brand name: TTDeye
Product recalled: Colored contact lenses
Reason of the recall: Distributed without FDA clearance may pose health risk
FDA Recall date: June 24, 2020
Recall details: On June 18, 2020, Chengdu Ai Qin E-commerce Co., Ltd initiated a nationwide recall of 1362 pairs of colored contact lenses. The relevant series of contact lenses have been found to be distributed without FDA clearance and may pose a threat to health. The company has received no complaints to date.

These colored contact lenses were sold through the company website and shipped directly to the customer from 08/05/2019 - 10/11/2019. The recalled products were manufactured in August 2018 and may be identified by name of the product and the date of manufacture, “2018-08”, found on the package label. The following products are being recalled:

- TTDeye. Black Starshine. Lot code: B16112100
- TTDeye. Diamonds Starlight. Lot code: B16112203
- TTDeye. Flower. Lot code: Brown. Lot code: B16112210
- TTDeye. Flower Grey. Lot code: B16112231
- TTDeye. Radial. Lot code: Brown. Lot code: B16112109
- TTDeye. Radial Pink. Lot code: B16112110
- TTDeye. Devil Red. Lot code: B16112201

If you have received this product, immediately cease use and contact the company via online chat at between 9AM and 6PM (GMT+8) or contact the company via email at (24 hours) for further information.

Chengdu Ai Qin E-commerce Co., Ltd is notifying its customers by email and is arranging for return/replacement of all recalled colored contact lenses.

Chengdu Ai Qin E-commerce Co., Ltd is voluntarily recalling these contact lenses after becoming aware of the problem. Chengdu Ai Qin E-commerce Co., Ltd has notified the FDA of this action.

Check the full recall details on

Source: FDA