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Bryant, AR, USA
I order the 2020 GTA-26 Battery powered wood cutter which they advertise at a price of $29.99. What arrived in the mail was a chain with two cloth handle, which I didn't order. They refuse to refund me or give me a return address. This is what i got in response to my request for a refund.

Pony Green (shenlantiaodong)
2021年2月22日 GMT+817:59
Dear customer,
Sorry to hear that you did not satisfy with the item you received.
If you would like to get the chainsaw, we may offer a discount for you to get the one you actually need.
We can make an exception for you with a surcharge $60, and you will get the chainsaw which costs $89.99. It's equivalent to you buying the chain for free. The chain you received before can be used as a simple tool as a free gift from us."

They are a complete scam
— Reported By User February 22, 2021 11:20 PM