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Barron, Wisconsin, USA
I have read the other reports and totally agree this is a scam. I thought I purchased the Stihl battery cutter shown with a hand saw in the bubble. It said $29.99 so that's what I sent. The orange handled saw arrived but not the cutter. I emailed the company and they said that was what I bought. I had to click the cutter box it showed $89.99. I really liked what was advertised so I paid it. (The hand saw definitely wasn't worth $29.99 and I thought it was a gift for getting the cutter) When the cutter arrived, it was a cheap black handsaw. Came in a cardboard box not a nice carrying case. It had a small slip on guard but not the guard and shield as advertised. There was no chain saw oil. They both had charger base and battery. I emailed them back saying this was fraud. Jennifer from the company emailed back and said she was sorry about my being disappointed. I was not to send the product back. I was to send a picture of what I got, tracking number and SKU from box. I took these pictures and sent a picture of what I was promised. There was no SKU # on box. She emailed me back and said I should not return it because it could get lost going to Hong Kong and without the product there would not be a refund. She said it probably wouldn't pass customs. I should give it as a gift and person will really like it! I wrote to the Better Business Bureau and hope to find out next step. Her comments make me fearful to return.
— Reported By User February 6, 2021 5:43 PM