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2 months ago
I have had this bait and switch happened to me twice, once by this company and once by another company. The little wires are used by campers to cut small branches. Both times. I paid through PayPal. I ordered the rechargeable battery mini saw pruner. I received a wire. Contacted the seller and the seller offered me a 50% refund, I told the seller I wanted 100% of my money back. The seller then replied that he would request a 60% refund but he could not give back 100% unless I returned the product to China. It costs like 30 dollars to send to China from the US even though they claim they are US based. The seller said they had shipped product and paid logistic cost to ship it to me and would I please accept the 60% and he hoped I understood. These bait and switch practices are illegal in the US. I escalated the case to Paypal. Then waited for the review. I then received an email from PayPal stating the seller had provided a shipping number and they found in favor of the seller. This message is generated by an auto responder. I then called PayPal and requested to speak to a PayPal agent. With in 2 minutes the person could see the Seller had done this over and over. They refunded my money and apologized for the inconvenience the Seller had caused me. It takes some time and effort, but persistence pays off. Also, it I s not your responsibility to return the product they shipped back to them at your expense.

They are located in Tennesee the key is to start the case through Paypal, when Paypal finds in favor of the seller. Call PayPal and speak with an agent. The message you received is sent out by an auto responder. PayPal agents can see that it us a recurring issue and your money will be refund. If you paid by credit card contact thr company snd ask them to do a charge back.
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