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Sebastopol, CA, USA
Symptoms: Other, Body Ache, Soreness
Sore arm first night, much like a flu shot. In subsequent days had achy lymph nodes in armpit, neck and upper chest. No big deal, just rather odd. 9 days after shot I woke with first Atrial fib in almost 6 weeks (had second Cardiac ablation last summer that we hoped would "fix" it). I had Afib episodes next two nights, decreasing in intensity, but certainly requiring meds and monitoring. Since been diagnosed with Afib bit over 2 years ago had never had it multiple days in a row before.
Since then, every days it's less problematic. Now just an hour of feeling a tad funky in the afternoons.Asked my cardiologist if he'd had other patients with similar reactions and he said "yes", but mostly after second vaccination. Seems as if the inflammation that's triggered by vaccine as body responds and creates antibodies to virus, triggers "twitchy" susceptible heart into freaking out (my language, not his!) Makes me rather dread how I"m going to feel next week after second shot, But will certainly not deter me to get fully covered.
— Reported By User March 26, 2021 5:51 PM