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Product: Rice

Updated: December 2, 2022 10:04 AM
I thought I was ordering a table and chairs from Home Depot that was overstock and giving it a very good price I gave them the payment and I received a letter saying that my package would be coming or that where did I wanted to deliver... See More and then I received a pair of Ray-Ban sunglasses in lieu of their email is a bogus email it is bogus I don't do much online as far as purchases and I should have investigated it I had a feeling I don't know why I did it but the bottom line is that I just spent the last 8 Days stuck not being able to go anywhere because I had no gas and I had to wait for my next check so I'm going to the bank today to see if they can help me with this please be careful out there and you scammers nothing good will come from what you're doing not a thing just look at history you might be living high off the hog now but you have to answer to God at the end of the day at the end of your days I'll be praying for you scammers and she'll change your Wicked ways and turn your eyes to God and your hearts I was trying to do something nice for someone in my family that I knew I couldn't afford to do but I thought okay it's not that much money I'll make it up somehow I'm going out something but when it ends up being a fraud it's a smack in the face and it's also like somebody just stealing the money out of my purse same same and I used to be very well off but I made my money legitimately then I let it all go when my son died and the real estate market in 2008 didn't help me that much either so now at 62 I'm trying to start over and hear people out there like sharks I'm just waiting for someone like me to grab that impulse Buy and that's what it was I should have known better but y'all shouldn't have done it in the first place so again beware everyone out there and I hope that this report will help someone and I'm hoping my bank will be able to help me See Less

I have received a women's ring but have no idea why I have gotten this please advise Ronald E Blackburn 3499 Red Springs Road Red Springs NC 28377 email
Reply 2 days ago
Received item I didn't purchase this item RAYBAN SUNGLASSES.
for $163. against my VISA card.
Please respond as soon as possible.
It also shows a qty of 1 with the code 3026. Associate WEB, Unit Price of $163. Total. I did not order this product and need my money refunded. See Less

Hello we had the same thing happen to us, did you get your refund, if so how or did you get in touch with someone.
-1 Reply 1 week ago
I ordered a patio set and fire pit for approximately 59.00 plus shipping it came to a little over 75.00 what I received was a pair of ray ban sunglasses at a price of 163.00 charged to my visa. Which we double the price of what I actually ordered. so what can I do See Less

I ordered a large snowman from price beater it says delivered but never was don't even the courier. I did receive a calligraphy pen from Dolan youpin 1502 world map series I never ordered tracking #AG4431632 it I did receive some kind of a calligraphy pen I did not order See Less

The tracking number listed is USPS TRACKING # eVS 9300 XXXX XXXX sent from address ; SHIPPER CENTER 1700 BELLE MEADE CT LAWRENCEVILLE GA 30043 , Also stated ok parcel ComBasPrice ; U.S. POSTAGE PAID PERMIT NO. 29616 eVS and a uppercase very large F ; Ref.... See More 1087303XXXXX, and at the bottom of the envelope under tracking # is the numbers same numbers 1087303XXXXX , the small Manila padded envelope is an approximately a 5x7. I'm Fayeteville See Less

Yes, I was victimized by a scam from a company that is using another company's logo. I ordered portable generators from an ad that showed a Best Buy logo. Best Buy is a reputable trademark. The place where they sent it from is at 188 South mountain... See More house parkway, in tracy, california, 95377. I submitted an online report, however, I am, I'm very concerned because they are using amazon, they are using best Buy. Several companies are being scammed through this and I ordered some portable generators and I was sent a pair of overpriced Ray-Ban sunglasses from this address with an invoice that says that these ray ban are worth a $163.00. I am not going to pay for them. I feel that I've already paid for the generators because that money has been taken out of my account along with some international shipping fees. Please be aware, please report these people to the Better Business Bureau. Thank you. Talk about an international scam... See Less

This company has alot of violations they work without gloves. They also sell rotten crabs and fish to people who buy. They don’t throw anything away. The old stuff like rice with mouth poop and Rouches they mix with new ones and sell it. They leave the... See More fish out in the heat. They have a mouse and rouches problem big time. They have no Ventilations for the food or Meats. They have under age people working and Undocumented. Please send someone thats going to do the Job right in not get paid in leave.Thanks please send someone as soon as possible See Less

I found this site, after my 3 year old shih tzu started having random bouts of violent vomiting episodes today! At first, I was unsure as to “what” she was throwing up, but I knew (or at least thought) whatever she was throwing up couldn’t be anything... See More I had given to her, due to the size (and unnatural look) of the particles. Only after searching my home, and realizing she had not consumed anything inedible of her own accord, did I become suspicious (and confirm) that it indeed was a Dream Bone that I had given her last night! The product’s claim of “highly digestibleness,” was the sole reason I was so “naive” to the fact that the large particles she had been struggling to expel up, were indeed, pieces of an undigested Dream Bone, as the resemblance of the two were uncanny! Only now is it, that I understand Dream Bone’s deceptive and misleading marketing tactics, in which they “use” rawhide, to at least partially validate the “high digestibility” of their product, via a compare and contrast method! At this point, I can only hope my beloved dog does not have any further (or more serious) complications, as a result from these overpriced “junk bones,” that had honest marketing tactics been employed, I would have never bought in the first place! See Less

Spot and Tango announced the recall of 4 batches of their Chicken and Brown Rice UnKibble Dog Food because samples tested positive for Salmonella bacteria.

The recalled product is Chicken and Brown Rice UnKibble Dog Food, with the codes:
-Lot Code T-22220 and SKU Number U-C-004
-... See More Lot Code T-22223 and SKU Number U-C-005
- Lot Code T-22220 and SKU Number U-C-006
- Lot Code T-22228 and SKU Number U-C-003

No other Spot & Tango products are affected by this recall.

Salmonella can affect animals eating the product and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated products, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the products or any surfaces exposed to these products.

Dogs with Salmonella infections will most likely not exhibit any symptoms, though in rare cases they may be lethargic and have diarrhea (which may be bloody), fever, and vomiting. Some dogs may have only decreased appetite, fever, and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy dogs can be carriers and infect other animals or humans through the fecal-oral route.

If you have the recalled product in your home, please stop feeding it to your dogs and dispose of it immediately.

See Less

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