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Scam Alert: aglaraa, 2101 W Lake St, Addison, IL 60101, USA

5 days ago

2101 West Lake Street, Addison, 60101 Illinois, United States

I ordered kids playground from a company named aglaraa on facebook and after waiting for about 2 weeks I received a package containing 2pairs of socks from Carson 2101 W Lake St Addison IL 60101

I'm in Bear, DE, USA.

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I did not order a ring, from Tevin James ~8955 Duarte Road, San Gabriel, CA, USA ,but I did order some shirts from an online store but I received this RGA ring instead of the shirts! ~BIG SCAM !!

I'm in Bellmore, NY, USA. See Less

I received a 2 ounce tub of pure glo moisturizer/anti aging cream a.05 pump of hydration eye cream and a .05 pump of vitamin e cream I did not order and now I’m on my third shipment of this no packing slip to return or require what’s happening
Reply 7 hours ago
I did order from a Honda eu 2200 I generator from Facebook Marketplace and what I did received were sunglasses which I didn’t order. See Less

I received a Moissanite ring from JANE in J amaica NY with a certificate from GRA which I did not order. I am assuming this is connected to an order I placed with Macy's store and never received the merchandise I ordered. No statement or invoice was... See More sent from JANE and I have no knowledge of this company. See Less

Yep this is the same thing happened to me!
Reply 4 hours ago
Scam of Jimmy Chou and fake RayBan sunglasses
I ordered 2 planters from an add on facebook appearing it was through home depot from craftsman-buy. I was sent a knock-off pair of RayBan sunglasses instead and after communicating with them through their email address of over... See More several days and from internet research realized this was a total scam. Do your research before ordering online and verify it has nothing to do with Jimmy chou. See Less

I ordered the planters also and received a pair of sunglasses. I emailed them and all they would do is refund 20% of my order and keep the sunglasses.
Reply 6 hours ago
I ordered the planter box $49.98 with a buy one get one offer...too good to be true. it was a birthday gift for my son. He received EARMUFFS! cant reach anyone. I am furious! See Less

I ordered the planters also and received a pair of sunglasses. I emailed them and all they would do is refund 20% of my order and keep the sunglasses.
Reply 6 hours ago
I ordered the planters also, and received two tiny packages of seeds and instructions on how to plant them from that address. (I don’t even think they are really the seeds they say they are.) This is crazy!
Reply 4 hours ago
I returned a package to the above address. I keep getting it returned. I have notified my CC to the charges. In my investigation I have found that this is a company out of China, not register to do business in the USA. I have reported this... See More to PayPal and they do not want to do anything about this company. BEWARE See Less

I have gotten 2 packs of socks from you. I am not ordering these and want it to stop.
I keep receiving socks from this Carson in Addison Il. I am not making these orders. I would like to know. Who's paying for these.

I'm in Clarksburg, WV, USA See Less

Same here, I got a Christmas stocking? So weird. See Less

Same here, but a pair of socks. Does anyone know what to do?
Reply 3 hours ago
I got a tracking notification saying the 2 raised beds I ordered were delivered to my post office but when I got there it was this canvas shoulder bag. thinking this may be a scamming thing. See Less

I also got socks I never ordered from this same person See Less

I just got a pair of socks I never ordered either. They came from Carson 2101 W. Lake Street, Addison IL. I did not order these.
Reply 2 days ago

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I received a pair of men’s gloves from Online Seller in Coppell TX. I DID NOT order these and do not know why I got them. How do I report and protect myself

I'm in Fort Wayne See Less

Did receive a package today from this company located at 5467 Dixie Rd., Mississauga. In the package there were a pair of sunglasses and a glass case. I did not order this. That said I did order two raised garden beds for 49.95 on Facebook Two weeks... See More ago. I doubled up the order so it did cost $99.90 US. Converted to Canadian it ended up being $125 that was debited on my Visa card. I kind of knew this was too good to be true , when ordering but thought I would give it a go. Definitely a scam and this is the first time I’ve ever fallen for something like this. I will never order from Facebook again. So unfortunate that people are scammed like this.

I'm in Huntsville
See Less

I did the exact same garden order and got the exact same sunglasses. Shame on me...
Reply 1 week ago
i did ordered the same garden stand and received sunglasses from 4567 Dixie Road. shame on me for knowing better but worse shame on the these scam companies and why isn't something legal being done about it.
Reply 1 week ago
I got two pairs of fuck**g sh**ty ankle socks. When I ordered raised garden bed frames and water can. F**k this online junk crap. Back to the physical store. Our generation is getting too lazy
Reply 1 week ago
4567 Dixie Road is Canada Post's massive facility in Mississauga. International parcels can be shipped in bulk on a single waybill and then split after importation so that this appears as the return address. You cannot return the package to this address once you've opened it.

Are you sure the tracking number matches the product you were expecting? If yes, be sure to followup with the seller and then if you don't get satisfaction, initiate a chargeback with your bank.

If the tracking number doesn't match, this may be unrelated to your purchase. It is common for random people to receive cheap junk from overseas because the sellers are trying to improve their ratings. They order a product, send something cheap, and then once delivery is confirmed, they are allowed to write a review.
Reply 1 week ago
I ordered several items in January from NORDS (severalice4177). Tracking quit working yesterday, then today, I received a package from Tevin James in Haceinda Heights, CA. Inside was a cheap ring that I did not order.

I'm in Baton Rouge See Less

Placed an order on December 20, 2022. Order number 73**, $53.30. Never received merchandise. It is now March 8, 23. Yes, I got scammed! See Less

I received a ring in the mail from Tevin James, 3148 Colima rd. hacienda Heights, CA 91745. I didn't order this and am confused as to why it was sent to me. See Less

I received ring I did not order
Reply 1 week ago
I recieved a ring I did not order
Reply 1 week ago
Reply 1 week ago
I received earmuffs from this Bethel Road address. I remember ordering some sort of patio furniture piece from those Facebook merchant sellers. The package I received has no receipt inside. Checked my email for receipt of purchase. All it says is the seller store name is Roolych.... See More When you go to their website it’s limited. The FAQ page doesn’t have any links for what to do if item is missing or wrong. Also says no refunds are available once the shipper picks up. Received a tracking number that shows origin from China then arriving in Los Angeles. Then to Phoenix and then arriving to my hometown. Wondering if that tracking site is legit. Some clever scam is going on. I’m thinking that the package arrives in US and intercepted and placed in envelope with another mailing label using that bogus address. The Roolych company needs to be checked out. The shipping label from 940 W Bethel Road has another label underneath it. I slowly peeled back a corner of it and see another label underneath addressed to me from China. So someone appears to be intercepting the shipment once it comes to US and puts the TX mailing address shipping label on it. Scammers Big time!!! See Less

I got ear muffs too, do not order from sponsored ads off facebook. Most are fake scammers, price too good to be true, yup fake
Reply 2 weeks ago
Same here! Earmuffs valued at 5USD. I ordered the patio set for 49.99USD
Reply 2 weeks ago
I received a ring in an expedited package that I never ordered.
It comes from the following address: 70 Gibson Dr unit Markham on. L3R 4C2

I am in Pont Rouge See Less

chanceuse, moi j'ai eu une robe super laide que j'ai pas commander,,
Reply 1 day ago
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