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Online Seller Scam - 1555 N Chrisman Rd, Tracy, CA, USA, New York, NY, USA

2 months ago

New York, New York, United States

Original tracking sticker from China was covered by a new sticker showing Online Seller as where package shipped from. I ordered BOGO offer on a Cat wheel and received a linen doily. I should have known it was to good to be legitimate. Now a Chinese company has my credit card information as well as my personal details. SCAM.


How do I contact the online seller about the wrong size item?
Reply 2 weeks ago

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I ordered 2 Kalimba instruments from and they were advertised to include an instruction book, a beginner tutorial & a music book, none of which were included. The instruments do not sound anything like advertised. I emailed customer service asking for a refund. They replied I... See More received what was ordered and they offered me $3 refund (I paid $60+ incl shipping). They claim returning would be very expensive. The shipping label is from the “online seller, Rialto, CA” address. See Less

This is too funny! I did the exact same thing - ordered chairs and got raybans. when I asked for my money back, they have messed around, first telling me they made a mistake but cannot deliver my chairs so I can keep the glasses. Then, they... See More say they can return 10% next it went to 30% then to 50%. The last email I received (where I told them I had disputed the charge on my credit card and asked how to return the glasses), they said 'the most we can credit you is 70%, will you accept that?" Since my credit card has already reimbursed me, I have stopped communicating with them. I've also checked the glasses - does anyone else think they are fake?

12/07 update: There were two 'company' names that I interacted with. Ruaten - I had ordered 4 chairs and a firepit but must have put the wrong address - I saw on thier tracking site that my order was being held at the local post office. I called the post office and they confirmed that if there was something there for me, it would have a USPS tracking number. The post office was unable to identify anything with the tracking number provided to me. I emailed their helpdesk - a couple of times but never got a response. I was able to get a refund by disputing the charge on my credit card. The 2nd order was for the same thing, being sent to another address. The tracking page told me my order had arrived and was in the mailbox. We found a pair of sunglasses (Raybans that we suspect are fake). This order was thru Cuzayie but they used the same helpdesk email as above. They were very responsive although offered no real help. Initially they told me they made a mistake and are now unable to fulfill my order but because shipping/custom charges are so expensive, I can keep the glasses. I told them that is not acceptable to me, I don't want the glasses. Then they said they could give me 10% back plus I can keep the glasses. Again, I declined this, they next offered 30% then 50% and then 70%. By this time I had already received 100% credit via my dispute so I just quit replying to them.
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I received an order that I didn’t order. It return address is 3837 Bay Lake Trail#113 North Las Vegas NV 89030 but the originally label says it came from somewhere in China POS bar code AG44388******. You can’t trust online product you don’t know what you getting!!!... See More how do I return it.

I'm in Atlanta
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After reading another person's report I now know where that 60watt data cable set came from 😔 I'd thought Amazon had by mistake sent me someone's order because I looked up the senders address and it a Amazon distribution place. In November I ordered a comforter from... See More a online Ad, buckbrisk and I can't contact them. Their website says contact with any questions through ( ) once you go there again no way to ask Buckbrisk anything. See Less

basingrade is just one of their fake names !!
its but its a part of meledo company as what i found out so far truly i dont care about the 50 dollars its the point of these people getting away with it if i lived within a... See More couple of day travel i would go there and (say hi to everyone in that office ) if you work there your part of the scam and you would get what you deserve ! I blame facebook market place for letting them be a sponsor without checking them out and letting scammers put there ads up . all face book cares about is making there money !!! as a consumers we need to take control because the authorities do nothing See Less

Saw overstocked TV's in the ad on Instagram from bullide store I have the order on screen shot it was offering discounts on TV's that were overstocked according to them the payment was just over £41 which after 7 days I reported to my card provider that... See More goods had not turn up and they are currently in the process of getting the cash back!

I'm in the UK
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Queens was the borough hit hardest as the storm moved through yesterday afternoon into the evening, with 7,300 customers left without power amid rain and high winds. Most of the Queens customers who lost service were in the Whitestone, Flushing, Elmhurst and Middle Village areas. Overall, Con... See More Edison reported more than 15,000 customers without power in New York City and the part of Westchester County in its service area.

Outage link:
Published: 2022-12-01
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I received an empty package like why? what does this mean what’s this all about ?
1701 just like all the rest of the individuals that have reported the same incident I saw lots of reports See Less

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was supposed to get 2 wooden bank. It's a1502 World Map Series. I will never order of bc facebook again. I received a package from online seller from 8000 N Virginia St.,Reno NV 89506. The package was damaged.

I'm in Massachusetts See Less

I found a package in my mailbox, it's USPS the from address is 1007 Bryn Mawr Dr. Papillion NE. It was addressed to my husband but he asked me to open it I did and all that was inside was a small piece of cardboard. After realizing... See More it might be dangerous I put it back inside the package it came in and washed my hands and started looking up to see if anyone else has had this happen to them. I'm in Pensacola, FL, USA See Less

Received one as well. I am not sure what to think of it or to report it
Reply 1 week ago
Yes it just happened to me.
Reply 1 week ago
same here and im in oregon. You need to call papillion police department and have them check it out. If enough of us call they will have to check into it.
Reply 1 week ago
I received a pullover blue sweatshirt I never ordered from the below listed address. I did order a jacket which was coming from China but was completely different. According to the tracking it was tracked to LAX on Oct. 31, 2022. The described pullover was delivered to... See More me on Nov. 8, 2022. I'm in Ellwood City, PA, USA
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I didn't order this package. I had to pay $5.45 to the mailman to get the package. I'm just reporting that this was not an ordered item yet I received it. I'm located in Oregon, USA See Less

I received a Dolin Youpin calligraphy pen set I did not order. It is from the aurora Colorado Amazon fulfillment center. I did order off if an Amazon add on Facebook a laptop for 39.99 and I believe the pen is the replacement. It all smells like... See More a big scam to me I ordered off of an Amazon Facebook Ad a supposedly new laptop computer for 39.99. According to the reviews the site was legitimate. A few days later I received the calligraphy pen with the return address as the Amazon Fullfillment Center in Aurora co

I live in Tampa florida
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I received a package that I didn't order. The return address is: online seller, 14900 Frye Rd., Fort Worth, TX 76155.
The package contained a; 1502 World Map Series calligraphy pen set.
I have kept the product in the original box, the mailing package. When I peeled... See More back the label there was the original label from China.

I'm in Spokane Valley
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Didn't order a dolin youpin, received today from Tracy Ca.

I'm in Edinburgh See Less

I just got one of these today I didn't order it
Reply 2 weeks ago
Me too. I got one today and didn’t order one
Reply 2 weeks ago
So did I! I received one I did not order!!
Reply 1 week ago
I got one yesterday. Why are we getting these?
Reply 1 week ago
I received one of these today also
Reply 1 week ago
I just received one today as well. Did not order it.
Reply 1 week ago
Same here got one of these I did not order.
Reply 1 week ago
I just got one but didn't order it either. So weird.
Reply 1 week ago
I just got one of these do you know what is up with this
Reply 1 week ago
So did I
Reply 1 week ago
I received one today?!? I’m baffled! I didn’t order one!!!!
Reply 1 day ago
Reply 12 hours ago
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