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5 months ago

United Kingdom

I received the same exact ring sent from Sophia, Bulgaria instead of my order from SISKNSDIY OUTLET SHOP total billed 65.83. My credit card bill said PPP*oneveryr com Hong Kong 65.83 euros. I never received my order they sent me a ring(fake of corse) from Sofia, Bulgaria. Wrote email depute they said they sent the ring to check if my address is correct. Then they offered me 60% return of my total bill. That comes to 39.50. Company Name: AIMARK LTD Register number:10853964 Company Address: Chase Business Centre, 39-41 Chase Side, London, United Kingdom, N14 5BP


The same thing. I paid online too, and that was all. Get nothing :-(
Reply 5 months ago
These pages that are being advertised are a scam, I ordered some loafers, the payment was ppp* HongKong and I haven't received anything and it's been two months and there's no way to contact
Reply 5 months ago
Me too same name
Reply 4 months ago
Well, I too got ripped off with the same story with 44 euros
Reply 5 months ago
I placed an order for 23.47 euros (not huge luckily but money lost all the same) nothing received since June 21, 2023 and no news since my numerous reminders.
Reply 4 months ago
bjr, received the full refund of the amount three and a half months later, incredible I no longer hoped, I harassed them with e-mails + 2 letters; website to avoid anyway...!
Reply 2 months ago
Nisam ni ja dobila naručeno 2 mjeseca ne znam kako da dobijem bilo kakav odgovor,oni se i dalje oglašavaju
1 Reply 4 months ago
Ka mina olen petta saanud. Tellisin juba mai kuus.Sain samuti jälgimiskoodi, mis ei öelnud midagi targemat.Suured vargad ja petturid.
Reply 4 months ago
Κ σε εμένα το ίδιο συνέβει. Έστειλαν ένα δακτυλίδι από την Βουλγαρία κ τίποτα άλλο. Εγώ παρήγγειλα από το hilariange που είχε τα ίδια προϊόντα... Προσοχή!
Reply 4 months ago
Δεν υπάρχει κάπου να το καταγγείλουμε;
Reply 3 months ago
Na interneti samo prevare.A gdje je tu internetska policija.Ja koja nemam baß puno veze sa pretraživanjem na internetu pronaßla sam i tu veliku kuçu iz koje se ta zloupozreba,tj krađa dešava,a onaj tko treba da to zaustavi NEĆE ili NEMOŽE.
Reply 4 months ago
Μια από τα ίδια έπαθα και εγώ.. δύο φορές τη παραγγελία και ποτέ δεν έφτασε σε μένα .....έχω κάνει την παραγγελία από το Απρίλιο.....ποτέ δεν έφτασε..έχουν και το θάρρος να σου λένε ότι το δέμα παραδωθεικαι και έχετε υπογράψει..έλεος... ρίχνουν το φταίξιμο στην εταιρεία μεταφορών ..... ντροπή τούς...τους εκτιμαμαι και μας κλέβουν..
Reply 3 months ago
SCAM AND FRAUD, I saw the advertisement on YouTube and without verifying its legitimacy, I placed an order for 49€ the next day, reconsider and look for that page and I saw comments that it was fraudulent, I called the bank to cancel the transaction and they answered that they couldn't do anything since it was a minimum amount, so I ran out of money and without products and no way to contact me.
Reply 3 months ago
Z... 2
I too made an order on 25/7 for €37.50 and I am still waiting for the package, my package left by Colissimo and never arrived! If you think you're smarter by stripping people in this way, be prepared to pay a hundredfold because you think you're untouchable! Defraud, always defraud... This is no longer fraud, it's gang theft and you will pay for it!!!
Reply 3 months ago
SCAM!!!!! Ordering shirts that have never been received, how is it possible that fraudsters are in business!!!!
-1 Reply 3 months ago
I also placed an order for 24.98 on August 28th but it never arrived
Reply 1 month ago

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I ordered on facebook it said it was costco but when I got bank statement it was this web site. See Less

It was an advertisement that came up on Facebook that said it was qvc rocking chairs. I screen shot the order number. It was 39.98 plus 9.99 shipping. The total charged was 49.97 See Less

Ordered 16 items over 2 months ago, they said it had been delivered which it hasn't. They then wanted $15 to resend it. I contacted DHL with tracking number, they had no trace of my parcel. Now She I are saying all my items are out of stock. This is a scam company. See Less

I guess I’m going to be the next victim. Im sent a pic of the proof of postage after a long delay. And I wanted to validate the return address
Reply 2 days ago

Small package containing three glass beads which I did not order/ from MPAY-UK no name but a ref. number address Frankley Industrial Estate, Tay Road, Frankley, Birmingham. Not ordered - must check bank statement! See Less

I received 3 glass beads that should have been a sofa. The seller used this company to ship my sofa. Now I see someone else has received glass beads I am beginning to think it is the shipper who scammed me and not the seller.
Reply 3 days ago

Scammers Dahlars or on email LV company ordered 3 beach chairs & they sent cheap sunglasses then tried to argue the order had been received. Numerous emails later still no refund of my £80 & now they’ve blocked my email address See Less

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this morning by Canada Post from YW Co Ltd (add: Unit #16-17 3495 Laird Road, Mississauga Ontario L5L 5S5). This package contained 2 t-shirts but I never ordered these t-shirts from this company. How to return them please? See Less

Reply 4 weeks ago
Keep sending them pig
Reply 4 weeks ago
Interesting you sent a package to my place too
Reply 4 weeks ago
Interesting the package sent to me has your initials KT what a coincidence
Reply 4 weeks ago

KinderFarms, LLC is voluntarily recalling all lots of KinderMed Infants’ Pain & Fever (oral suspension) and KinderMed Kids’ Pain & Fever (oral suspension) to the retail and consumer level. These products are being voluntarily recalled due to acetaminophen instability. These products are available nationwide in drug/pharmacy, supermarkets,... See More direct delivery and national retailers, and online through major ecommerce sites. The company has not received any reports of serious adverse events from either of these products to date.

The two products were manufactured and packaged for KinderFarms by a major, U.S.-based OTC pharmaceutical manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Ongoing testing of sample batches indicated some product lots were no longer in specification and may pose a health risk. Acetaminophen is the active ingredient in many pain-relieving medicines. As a result of the potential health risk with acetaminophen being outside of specification, the product may cause acute adverse health effects, including abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting or jaundice at higher doses.

This voluntary recall encompasses all products currently available on shelf of these two SKUs only. The impacted product being voluntarily recalled is all lots of:
- KinderMed Infants’ Pain & Fever (2 fluid ounces/59 mL), (Acetaminophen - 160 mg per 5 mL), Oral Suspension. UPC: 850001805698
- KinderMed Kids’ Pain & Fever (4 fluid ounces/118 mL), (Acetaminophen - 160 mg per 5 mL), Oral Suspension. UPC: 850001805728

Consumers who purchased either of these two products should stop using them and may return the product to the place of purchase for a full refund.

In case you experience harm from this product, it is important to report it. It can help to detect & resolve issues and prevent others from being harmed, and it enables better surveillance. If symptoms persist, seek medical care.

Company name: KinderFarms, LLC
Brand name: KinderMed
Product recalled: OTC Pain and Fever Reliever for Infants and Kids
Reason of the recall: Due to Acetaminophen Instability
FDA Recall date: November 17, 2023

See Less

I bought a pair but of boots on 30th Oct ,they took my money through PayPal but not received the order, ..seller transaction id.48S095857D359****.. See Less

I don’t even know this person but I received a USPS package today from them containing a yellow strip of fabric with a printed lemon design. The only order I’m expecting is from a reputable company. Some companies sell things and ship something else and then claim... See More you received it bc they have a tracking number. I once received a gold bracelet that was supposed to be a small bookcase. I’m sick of scammers. Most from China although India is in it too. 😖 See Less

I also received a package from this person. No idea, I’m not expecting anything from anyone. SMH
Reply 2 weeks ago

On October 8, 2023, I made a purchase with the tracking number AM1507*****CN with order number 0006****. I bought some kitchen items and furniture, I am informed that they have already been released at my home, I am from Mexico City and they are delivered to Juarez... See More Nuevo León 67267 in Monterrey in a vacant lot. And I get no solution. It was a scam. See Less

I received a fake silver dollar from this person that was unsolicited. Will try to get the payment reversed.
I don't remember ordering this coin, but it's fake none-the-less. I will attempt to get the charge reversed. See Less

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