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Get alerts and updates for your case! Your contact information is not shown on the website.

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3 packages list in the black hole of Teterboro, NJ Distribution Center, USPS Teterboro Distribution Center, Industrial Avenue, Teterboro, NJ, USA

1 year ago

200 Industrial Avenue, Teterboro, 07608 New Jersey, United States

Two Packages lost or sitting by this facility since September 25th. No updates. This is the third package that has gone missing at this facility in past month. What is going on there? They have lost over $200of my products, apparently I’m not the first.


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I received a small envelope from "Shipper Center, 816 Dresden Ave, Louisville, KY 77407. Inside were 2 peppermint candies and an orange rhombus card. I'm in Richmond, TX See Less

I received a order from them and I have no idea what they are. I didn’t order anything, on top of that the post office said that the labels are counterfeit. I had to pay a shipping fee.

All I want to know is how I can... See More get my money back. I’m keeping the pkg until I figure out who and how much money I’m actually out.

I'm located in Seguin, TX, USA
See Less

Got a delivery from Trend which I did not order. 2 bottles of Keto supplements. Keto Advanced Weight Loss and Keto Gummies. Where did they get my name and address?

I'm in Massachusetts See Less

An unusually long delay in the return of a correspondence I sent with an incomplete address in error on 12/23/22. See details, the tracking# is 70211970000221101288. Thank you.
My correspondence that I accidentally sent with an incomplete address on 12/23/22 has been sitting at your distribution center... See More since it arrived on 1/17/23. It should have read Apt# 505 NOT 5. I can't understand why it's been sitting there for over 2 weeks. The last update says departed 2/4 but that's all. Can someone please either complete the apt# for me to 505 & re-deliver it back to Jersey City NJ...Or please return it to me in Inverness FL so I can do it myself. My father passed away and it's an important document my brothers been waiting on. Thank you & have a great day! The tracking# is 70211970000221101288 See Less

my package has been at your facility for 2 weeks. i ordered my shoes , they were dropped off at yalls facility and on the 27th the label was created to ship them out and there's been no update. See Less

I ordered 3 pairs from , they were stuck in your warehouse a week, then ,when they finally moved, they were delivered to Lafayette, NJ. Please almost $500 worth of sneakers....Please tell me you found it and that I will recieve it soon..3 pairs of sneakers from

I have a tracking number that says that my packages are in your facility for 10 days I would like to know was wrong with the package. Thank you. See Less

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Why is there not a receipt or where this item came from in terms of company? I have checked orders I have made, this is not one. Researching my bank statements. See Less

I received the tevi. James packed ring I never ordered that product See Less

Yes it's a scam you actually ordered something else and what ever it was it never came in and instead you received a ring they then use delivery receipt to the cheap item and not what you actually ordered to then write fake reviews so they can scam more people! Happened to me too except with pair of gloves! I actually ordered 3 raised galvanized steel garden beds for 75$ which never came and they instead purchased a 1$ pair of gloves and sent me those under different company name and then kept the difference in $ and used the delivery retro post more fake reviews to scam more people. Think about what you ordered that never came in!! Mine was on marketplace on facebook ad.
Reply 5 days ago
Got a ring the other day and never have received clothing order I placed in early February. I had already disputed the charge when the order was a month old and not received. So, this is probably the same scam. I guess I'm now engaged to whoever is Tevin! LOL
Reply 1 day ago
I received a fake silk horse scarf I did not order, I ordered 2 garden beds from Imprecari. Instead of receiving what I ordered I received this ridiculous scarf with no receipt from Aurora Co Amazon warehouse shipping center. I cannot get in touch with anyone or... See More get a call back regarding this! Amazon background check your retailers!! DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM IMPRECARI!!!!!!!

I'm in Redding
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i got the same thing ugly I order a treadmill guess i got to dispute it
Reply 1 week ago
I ordered a treadmill too but got the same thing now I'm pissed
Reply 1 week ago
I also got the ugly scarf an couldn't remember ordering it got to looking an I got scammed also ordered a treadmill and got the scarf. Really hoping I can get my money back it says 100% money back guarantee on the website. I might talk to a lawyer this awful what there doing
Reply 1 week ago
Identical order for me /sigh
Reply 1 week ago
Damn it… guess I’m in this boat, too. I knew better, but didn’t listen to my gut. It’s been three days since my “shipped” email. I can’t contact the business by email, because it keeps saying the email didn’t go through. I had and extra $1.49 charge on my account from imprecari, so now I’m on high alert. The tracking doesn’t work.. we’ll see I suppose. Not looking good.
Reply 6 days ago
I also got an ugly scarf today
and then started to research on the web about it and saw I'm in the same boat as you all! Ordered the garden bed deal and got this. The tracking number is the same - I pulled up the USPS label and found the same tracking number as my garden bed thing! As someone said before, I knew it was too good to me true and regretted it as soon as I hit submit.
Reply 5 days ago
Same. Received the ugly horse scarf but no garden beds. Tracking order says it was delivered but map shows to a different address
Reply 1 day ago
I received a ring for  tevin james I did  it order or know why it came to me I’m concerned why and how

I'm in Texas See Less

What did you end up doing?!
-3 Reply 2 weeks ago
I received a ring from Kevin James 10859 Oxnard St North Hollywood 98606 In January I ordered clothes online. Within the hour I realized it was a scam and I canceled my order and blocked y card. (I have never received the order.) But my card was... See More charged and I am in a dispute now to correct that. Then shows up this ring and I can see this has happened to many people. How can this be stopped and my financial business protected? See Less

I ordered from Macys.Didn’t receive clothing but got this ring yesterday.I called credit card filed dispute and cancelled my card.sending new card
1 Reply 3 weeks ago
Reply 3 weeks ago
Same i received a ring today after opening a dispute with my card company earlier this week after not receiving my merchandise. Smh
-2 Reply 3 weeks ago
Received package from Tevin James of a fake diamond ring.
It is from Tevin James 3148 Colima Rd Hacienda Heights, Ca 91745

I'm in Colorado See Less

I received two ring from this address that I didn’t order and wish not to receive them
I’m in Florida please stop sending
Reply 1 week ago
Checked my mail and the package was in the box. I opened the package and found 2 bottles of Keto Weight Loss pills. There is no invoice or other package information. The return address says: 19214 Northern Boulevard, Flushing, NY, USA

I'm in Soldotna | Symptoms: Other See Less

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